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 New first-time technology inventions or mature equipment 

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Our Mission

To maximize your profits, let us help you make sure your equipment performs more efficiently, reduce annual maintenance costs, extend its useful life, and make smart upgrades when it eventually must be replaced. 

RELiC ¬©

assistance for existing equipment 

Reduce Equipment Lifetime Costs

Fitness for Service Evaluations

Rectifying Chronic issues

Reduce Maintenance Expense

Reduce Operating Costs

Fitness for Service Evaluations

Re purposing mature equipment

Improve Reliability

Respond  Catastrophic Failures

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for new or replacement equipment

MOderNize EquipmeNt  for IncreaSed Efficiency and Profit

Internet of Things- low cost sensors and data collection

3D Modeling 

Additive Manufacturing (3D printing)

New Designs and Patents

Procure from Low Cost geographies

Performance Improvements with little to no cost!

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Other Services

Our quest is continuous improvement and to remain current with  software advances and Additive Manufacturing (3D printing).  We also have extensive field time during the construction, installation and rebuild phase.  

Data Centers


Chemical Plants

Metal raw materials and fabrication

Environmental Driven Processes

Code Committee Participation

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